Sunday, July 22, 2012

Non-Profit Survey/Poll

Non-Profit Support is so important to us at Mindful Magazine, that's why we have dedicated a section in our magazine and website to focus on your favorite non-profit organizations. Do you support a non-profit organization? What is your organization of choice? Have you started a non-profit organization, looking for supporters? We want to hear about your non-profit organization. We would love to give back and we encourage you to do so if you haven't already. If you already do give back, hurrah for you! That's being mindful and we love that!

We are looking for 3 non-profit organizations to DONATE/GIVE BACK to. When advertisers choose us as a form of advertising, they will have an option to choose from three non-profit organizations. Once they choose their non-profit, Mindful Magazine will give 3% of the ad cost to the non-profit of choice. So with each ad that is displayed in our magazine you can be assured that we are giving back.

Please take a few moments to answer our survey/poll, or go on Facebook to vote for your favorite non-profit. You may also comment below if you have a non-profit in mind. Be sure to include a link to the non-profit's website. Thank you!

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